Web Interface

Web Interface -Module Overview

The software is web-enabled. The application runs on ‘Application server’ of Oracle. With appropriate infrastructure to the server, users can log in over Internet from anywhere in the world. The logging in procedure ensures for authorization and security checks.

Below is a typical list of user communities and what they can transact over Internet.

  • A general visitor or ‘Guest’
    A guest is able to see company profile, current news, employment opportunities and information of general interest. In addition he can register through registration form, give feedback, send queries,and get answers from the company staff.
  • Potential customer
    Registered users classified as potential customers can see list of existing customers, product literature, standard terms, pricing, and stock positions. He / she can fill-up inquiries, get quotations,and view status of inquiries.
  • Customer
    A customer can see and specify everything allowed to the potential customers and view documents or reports like quotations, sales order confirmation, pending orders, ledger, bill-wise outstanding, delivery schedule, and dispatch details. Customer can book new orders, amend orders, and specify delivery schedule.
  • Potential supplierA potential supplier can see items related literature, current requirements of the company and current stock position. He / she can log their quotations against enquiry of the company, view status of quotation, and also specify details of goods and services offered.
  • SuppliersSuppliers can see and specify everything allowed to the potential suppliers and view documents or reports (purchase order, delivery schedule, delivery challan, goods inward note, goods received note after inspection, ledger, bill-wise outstanding as on date, vendor rating related info.) as per the company books. He / she can log confirmation to PO and delivery schedule and also enter details of supply with facility to the company to pre-authenticate the dispatch.
  • EmployeesEmployees can view all the general information available to all registered users and guests. Branch staff can view information of all customers handled by the branch and common information like sales targets.
  • Customization of web interfaceThe web site can be customized to accommodate requirements of
    - Marketing, distribution and support – branches, warehous,E-Service centers
    - Group companies.
Galaxy ERP version 3.0 supports Oracle Database 11gR2, WebLogic 11g, Linux 5.5, Solaris 11, Exadata Database Machine, Exalogic and SPARC SuperCluster